October 30, 2008

NEO Information Security Summit Underway

We are into the first day of the Information Security Summit and other than a couple technical glitches beyond our control (hotel Internet connection instability for a bit) things have been going great. There are alot of people here, our latest attendance numbers were around 335 - wow!

The talks so far have been good. Gareth Webley moderated the keynote panel with security leaders from around the region talking about best practices for managing risk. They covered topics such as setting up a risk management program, how to *talk* security with business leaders, how to sell security (or more appropriately risk management) to the business, and other topics. Great insight into how to talk with business leaders.

Other great sessions going on but no time to talk about them at the moment. Since I'm helping organize and run the event...I'm a little busy.

Updates later.

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