June 24, 2011

Get your milk, bread, beer, and ID theft insurance from one place...huh?

"Honey on the way home from work pick up some milk, bread, bananas, pound of hamburger, and identity theft insurance." "Wait, what?"

Bet you never heard that one before. So I was in Kroger(1) the other day picking up some of the staples and as I was walking past the end of an aisle I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. A brochure advertising identity (ID) theft protection.
My jaw dropped. I mean, come one, who goes to a grocery store to pick up ID theft protection? Not the place I would expect it.

A division of Kroger called Kroger Personal Finance offers something PrivacyGuard. Essentially it's a monitoring service which will watch your credit cards and credit information, alerting you if any anonmalies are detected. It will also alert you when someone requests your credit report.

Unfortunately it won't alert you when you are low on milk or bread. Maybe that's another service Kroger should offer: Kroger Food Pantry Monitoring. ;) Makes a little more sense than ID theft insurance.

(1) This blog posting is in no way endorsing any brand or product.

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