April 27, 2014

Article Highlight: Q1-2014 SPAM study by Sophos shows interesting results

Every quarter Sophos studies spam and releases the results. This years title is "The Dirty Dozen Spampionship: Who's who in the global spam-sending league?"

The study shows the amount of spam sent by country. It's important to note that this does not necessarily correlate to the bad actor's physical location.  Most of these actors don't send it directly from their networks but rather utilizes resources, usually infected PCs (aka zombies), on other networks many times in countries other the one they reside in.  A couple tidbits I found interesting...

  • By volume the United States tops the list at 16.4% of total spam.  This is a huge lead as the next offending country, Spain, comes in at 5.0% of all spam volume followed by Russia (4.4%), Italy (4.3%), and China (4.1%).
  • Israel, who in the past spawns off information security start-up companies, is #3 in the list by population.  That's surprising to me.
  • I expected Russia, China, and India to be higher based on some of the data I've personally seen

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