May 24, 2014

In the category of 'This is News?'

Two recent news stories invoked a 'this is new news?' reaction from me.  More like 'this is OLD news.'

The one article is about Russians perpetrating cyber-espionage against American companies and the other is about online cyber-gangs hacking online companies.  The victim of the latter news story is eBay (link here to story).  Those of us in the information security industry who investigate compromises/breaches and track attackers are not surprised by any of this.  We've seen Chinese and Russian attackers going after American company's systems, applications, data, etc. for many many years.

And it's not getting any better...they aren't letting up and neither are we.  Keep fighting the good fight!

FBI threatens to go after Russian hackers

eBay hacking: online gangs are after you