November 24, 2016

G's Reading List for Nov.24, 2016

I read a lot - at least I try to find time to.  I have to...just like all my peers in this the industry of information security.  My focus is in the threat intelligence and infosec/cyber attack space and that requires even more reading.  Thankfully there are a lot of smart people in this space with interesting insights, and my plan is to start highlighting these interesting articles, books, etc. in this blog more frequently.  In some cases I may make some "piffy" comment about the article to give you an idea what it's about and/or my thoughts on it.

I don't have some catching name to call these posts so for now I'll call them "G's Reading List."  Pretty inventive...huh?! not.

My hope is that you'll find these readings as interesting as I find them.  Feel free to share your thoughts on them as well in the comment section.  Also, I encourage you to share any interesting readings you've found related to my posts and if you let me know it's okay to share with others I will put it on this blog with full attribution (let me know if you don't want attribution).

Okay let's get this party are two great posts by MalwareJake...

Source: MalwareJake

Source: MalwareJake
Wow, this is just embarrassing. C'mon, OpSec 101 people!

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